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Peter BAAS (NL) is known for his in- and exterior images, often edited in High Dynamic Range (HDR). He started his career as a macro and wildlife photographer.

David BAILEY (UK) worked , among others, for the British Vogue Magazine. He was awarded "Commander of the Order of the British Empire"

Martijn BEEKMAN (NL) is a freelancer for the Dutch newspaper "De Volkskrant . He's twice winner of the Zilveren Camera Award in the Netherlands.

He's specialized in portraits and political pictures.

Jerzy BIN (AU) is a versatile Austrian photographer, based in Vienna. His work contains lots of different aspects of photography, such as oncerts, landscapes and portraits. Also he works in the field for businesscompany's and media.

Peter BLOK (NL) has a wide range of subjects in his work and his pictures are featured in may Dutch and also German magazines. He's won the World Press Photo Award and the European Newspaper Award.

He's a 4-times winner of a Zilveren Camera Award.

Cynthia BOLL (NL) is British based photographer, who works as a News Wire Photographer and covered the Dutch ISAF troops in Afghanistan.

Her photo's were seen in "Time" and "National Geographic".

She's been a 1st price winner of the Zilveren Camera.

Paul BROUNS (NL) is an urban and architecture photographer. His photo's are full of lines, curves and colours of the buildings, which makes them quite abstract in a fantastic way.

Michiel BUIJSE (NL) is specialized in High Dynamic Range (HDR) nightphotography.

He organizes workshops throughout the Netherlands and is an Ambassador for Nikon Camera's.

Anton CORBIJN (NL) is London based and has been renowned for his portraits of famous musicians, like David Bowie, U2, Rolling Stones and Miles Davis.

His black-n-white portraits belong to the world's best.

Joshua CRIPPS (USA) is a landscape photographer all around the world. His works were published in magazines like "Outdoor Photographer" and

"Popular Photography".

He 's the co-founder (with Jim Patterson) of:

Sea to Summit Photography Workshops

Pierre CROM (FRA / NL) is a photographer who covers political and social issues.

He travelled to conflictzones like Ukraine and the Krim-peninsula. He arrived as the first photographer at the crashsite of MH17. His photo won him the Zilveren Camera Award 2014.

Robert DOISNEAU (FRA) started his professional career in 1934 and worked mainly in Paris.

Almost all of his work is in black-n-white.

He was appointed a "Chevalier of the Legion of Honour" in 1984. He passed away in 1994.

Jurjen DRENTH (NL), his work is featured in many Dutch and international magazines, like Stern,

El Pais and National Geographic. He's well known for his style of photographing of lifestyle and landscapes around the world.

Ed Van der ELSKEN (NL) was an Amsterdam born photographer and cineast. He published many photobooks, of which "Love on the Left Bank" got him fame all around. For his work he travelled lots of times to Africa and Asia. He passed away in 1990.

Lars van de GOOR (NL) is a professional nature photographer and his work is published worldwide.

He was nominated in 2011 as a top 10 finalist for the Hasselblad Masters Award.

Gero GRÖSCHEL (GER) is a Stuttgart based photographer who works on location or from his studio. His works are in the field of commercial advertising, fashion and portraits.

Also architecture is a specialty of his.

Jacqueline De HAAS (NL) specializes in editorial portraits en commercial images. She's won the "oevre-price" at the Zilveren Camera Award and many more nominations. Currently she works for, a.o., Voetbal International, ABN-AMRO bank and the newspaper Algemeen Dagblad.

Hans HEUS, born in Amsterdam, lives in France nowaday's. He worked for (a.o.) KLM, ING-Group, Nike and Voetbal International. Beside sportsimages, he's specialized in portraits, lifestyle and architecture.

Martin KERS (NL) is a landscape photographer who makes "the normal special" in his work. He travels around Europe to catch the best of nature's beauty.

Frans LANTING (NL), born in Rotterdam, and based in California, specializes in wildlife photography. Currently he's one of the major photographers of National Geographic. During his career he's won

3 times the World Press Photo and was Wildlife Photographer of the year.

Frans LEMMENS (NL) is a travel photographer,

he travels and workes on all continents.

He's specialized in air-photography, as well as architecture, nature and landscape images.

Emile LUIDER (NL) is based in Paris. His works feature in many international magazines, like Stern, National Geographic and Elegance.

He's twice winner of the World Press Photo Award, as well once a second place.

Vincent MUNIER (FRA) is a wildlife photographer and one of the best in this category.

His work is published all around the wordl in magazines like National Geographic and

BBC Wildlife Magazine.

He's won several international awards.

James NACHTWEY (USA) is a famous Time Magazine photographer who covered war and conflictszones around the world. He had exhibitions

in New York, Rome, Madrid and Amsterdam, and many more major city's. He's won many awards, like the World Press Photo Award, Robert Capa Gold Medall and the Canon Photo essayist Award.

Jimmy NELSON (UK / NL) is based in Amsterdam

and produced many impressive photoprojects, from China and Afghanistan to former Yugoslavia, at the beginning of the civil war. In 2013 he completed his massive project about the forgotten tribes all over the world: "Before They Pass Away"

Helmut NEWTON (GER), born Neustädter in Berlin, was a prolific photographer whose provocative and erotically B&W photo's were a mainstay of Vogue Magazine and other French and German magazines, as well in Australia, where he lived most of his life.

He passed away in 2004.

See his works also on Art Sy

Ilvy NJIOKIKTJIEN (NL), born in Utrecht, worked regularly in South-africa and won several prices with her images. Famous is her photo-documentary about the South-african right winged organisation.

In 2014 she's won the Zilveren Camera Award, and before that in 2008 a National Geographic Award in the category "Human". In the Netherlands she was appointed as "Photographer of the Fatherland"

Jeannette OERLEMANS (NL) is a photographer who manipulates her works in an extraordinary way and leads the imagination of her viewers into pure fantasy with fantastic images.

Erwin OLAF (NL) is an Amsterdam based photographer, famous for his commercial and personal work. His work is shown in gallery's around the world, like Amsterdam, New York, Madrid and Paris. During his career he gathered many awards,

in the Netherlands(Magazine's Artist of 2007) and received in 2008 an American "Lucie Award".

He also won the prestigious "Johannes Vermeer Award".

Leszek PARADOWSKI (PL) is a Polish photographer who's work is published in several magazines around

the world. He's won many international awards for his works, which contains nature, landscape and creative photography.

Jim PATTERSON (USA) is a land- and seascape and underwaterphotographer, who covers the coastline of California .

Together with Joshua Cripps he founded

Sea to Summit Photography Workshops



Pim RAS (NL) is a Rotterdam born photographer, whose work contains news and sports. He's a 2009 winner of the Zilveren Camera Award, and also of the French l'Equipe Sportspaper.

In 2012 he won the sports category of the Zilveren Camera Award.

Govert De ROOS (NL), born in Amsterdam, made his first pictures at the "John & Yoko Bed-In" at the

Hilton Hotel, at the age of 15.

He's well known for his portraits of many international artists, like Debbie Harry of Blondie.

He also worked for Playboy Magazine and provided photo's for the first edition of the Russian Playmate.

Adrian (Aad) SOMMELING (NL), a photographer and

digital artist who creates superb, and even surreal, creations out of every situation. Maybe impossible, but he does the job.

Bert SPIERTZ (NL) is an Utrecht based photojournalist and famous for his documentary photoreports from around the world.

In the 1980s he made several reports about life behind the "Iron Curtain". His other work contains portraits and eventphotography.

Patricia STEUR (NL) is famous for her tribal tattoo images, as well as portraits of royalties, politicians, and many artists, like Andy Warhol, Willy DeVille and Dennis Hopper.

Het B&W portraits are a "maincourse" in het work. Since 1987 she had more than 30 exhibitions around the world.

Cho TANG (NL) started his professional career in 2012. His work contains commercial and in- and exterior images. Besides that he has a wide range of different images of dailylife, weddings, events and portraits.

See also his other site:

Tim TADDER (USA) is best known for his work as a commercial and editorial photographer. He's famous for his strong portraits and actionsports photography. He currently lives in California.

Robin UTRECHT (NL) is working as a freelancer, and before that for the Dutch press agency ANP.

He's been a 13 times winner in several catgories of the Dutch Zilveren Camera Award. Also he was first price winner of the National Geographic Award and was Photojournalist of the Year 2002.

Stephan VANFLETEREN (BEL) is a freelance photographer and specialized in B&W portraits.

His work also contains extensive photoreports in

and outside Belgium. He's won among many other awards, 5 times a World Press Photo Award.

Leo VOGELZANG (NL) is known as Zilveren Camera Award winner. His works contains images of sports, society, wildlife and daily life.

Oliver WEBER (GER) is a Munich born

photographer who has his residence currently at

the Canary Islands. His work is in the field of documentary photography and streetphotography,

as well as portraits.

Oliver WEBER (NZL) is a lifestyle, portrait and architecture photographer from the South Island of New Zealand, in the Nelson / Tasman Region.

Eddy van WESSEL (NL) is a photographer who

goes deep into the conflictzones, like Syria and Afghanistan.

He's been a multiple winner of the Zilveren Camera Award. In the 2014 edition he got the 2nd price in the category Foreign Series.

David YARROW (UK) is a, London based, Scottish photographer who started his career in the world of sports. His work contains many monochrome shots out of Africa.